NCL, Inc., Post Oak History

When National Charity League, Inc. Chapters in central Houston could not accommodate Membership interest, another Chapter was needed. An informational meeting generated enough interest to create a new Chapter—the only thing missing was a Board of Directors.

After a conference call with NCL, Inc. headquarters office, twelve women met for lunch to organize a Chapter. By the time the food was ordered, the first unofficial board meeting was in session as each woman expressed interest in a different position. In September 2013, a few months later, the Post Oak Chapter officially formed. The name Post Oak was chosen as it a significant landmark in the heart of Houston.

It was incredible for members to imagine the impact the Post Oak Chapter would make in the beginning, but they quickly developed relationships with organizations outside their individual reach. The chapter currently supports 16 philanthropies in the Houston area.

091213 1st Chapter Formation Meeting

First NCL, Inc., Post Oak Chapter Formation Meeting on September 12, 2013.

2015  NCL, INC., Post Oak Chapter charter in Seattle WA